Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have to admit I've had a lot of people come & go out of my life & I don't easily let someone I've called a friend just leave. I fight tooth & nail to keep my friends as friends. Some have sadly been relegated to aquaintance status, some are "on the shelf" pending further interaction or inaction. I've even managed to gain a friendly relationship with my ex-husband & his wife (the friend he cheated on me with!) so I can't be that big a bitch...and yet I've had to go to verbal war with a former co-worker/friend because I took her to task on her negative FaceBook commentary & finally removed her from my friend list!
(Note to self: Next job, don't take it all so personally) I spent as many hours at work & with my co-workers as I did at home with my family (probably more) & so I did take getting fired personally & I did want to shift some of the blame off of my shoulders (who wouldn't) I defended her, for a while, then it seemed to become apparent that, to some degree I was set up.
Did she really think it was OK to take endless sick days, leave me scrambling to do both our jobs & then make sure I shouldered all of the blame for the errors that occurred in her absence? I'm only human & I have a life outside of work.

Maybe, OK, it was, mean & un-Christlike to point out to her the parade of co-workers she's had, that she complained a lot, that maybe she's unhappy & not at peace within herself, but it had to be said...she accused me of bitching & bitterness, when I was trying to move away from the things that were reminding me of the hurt. I promise, I promise, I will NOT respond to any subsequent responses. I've throughly said my piece on this matter.
If God is willing & I have found an open door, I have an exciting career opportunity. If nothing else, I have lots of friends, a wonderful family, and know the untouchable joy of the Lord. I am at peace & I am content with my life. My desire for more is not a sign of discontent, rather it is proof that I have faith that my Father wants so much more for me.

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