Monday, October 13, 2008

It's interesting how much time one can waste searching the internet for recipes....I thought I 'd make turkey tetrazzini for my daughter's birthday supper on Wednesday & use up the leftover turkey in a different wa than our family's usual (delicious & popular) version of a pot pie. I like to play in the kitchen & try new things-expand our culinary horizons.
I know, tetrazzini's not exactly adventurous or unique, but it fits the bill in this case. E loves pasta, & I can make it & put it in the oven before I make the 30 minute drive to get the boys (can't wait till CJ can drive! 7 months, exactly)
Anyway-add a nice salad & there's dinner-family friendly, nothing last minute, so I can kick back & enjoy a nice glass of wine.

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